There is such a huge variety in card games, why should I play rummy? What is special about it that makes it different from others of its ilk? What advantage does rummy offer over other card games? Why is rummy called a ‘game of skills’?

Do you also have any such question in mind? Let us understand the things in a simple way. Earlier, people used to have different gadgets for different purposes. A radio set for listening to radio programmes, a stereo for playing cassettes, a landline to make and receive calls, a calculator for making calculations, a console for playing video games, and a computer for hordes of other purposes, etc. Of late, all these devices have been giving way to mobiles. Why? Because a mobile is an ‘all in one’ device and within easy reach of most people!

Games of Chance

The name says it all. There are such games of cards as Teen Patti, Slapjack, and Card Game 21, etc. that are based purely on luck or chance. More than anything else, they are played for gambling or for making merry in social get-togethers. They involve very little or no participation on the part of players. You have no role to play except waiting for the outcome of your destiny. As such, their fanbase is limited. They might be a good source of recreation at certain times but relying entirely on fate is not what most of us would like or appreciate.

Memory Games

Card games like Concentration, Colours, One Flip, and Zebra, etc. that are played to enhance memory and concentration of players fall under this category. They are generally a bit too simple and meant for kids. Sometimes, adults also play these games along with kids to encourage them to learn. Colourful cards make children feel enthusiastic and they become more attentive by engaging in these fun games. Indulging in them for thirty minutes a day, makes the brain sharp and alert so that your concentration and focusing ability improve.

Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea

Some card games involve a lot of expertise and take one a long time to learn and master. Bridge, Sweep, and their likes require a bit too much of brains. A new player might find it intimidating to play these games. Moreover, some people might have that much of time and patience, but not everybody. They might exercise your mind in a brilliant manner but a lot of practice and devotion is necessary to excel in these games.

The Queen of Cards

How about a game that has a few rules and is easy to understand and play? Despite being simple, it makes the players drill their mind and memory. Almost everybody can learn and start playing the game in a short span of time. The game is high on entertainment quotient. It comes loaded with all the benefits associated with memory games. It is a superb brain booster. It allows family members and friends to socialize and bond with one another and spend quality time together, which enhances their overall well-being.

Yes, it is None Other than Indian Rummy!

Wondering how it is possible! How could a game that is not difficult to comprehend and play, have such multifarious benefits? Let us delve deeper into the game to understand its finer nuances that make it a skill-based game and endearing to one and all.

What Makes Indian Rummy a Game of Skills

It is a card melding game in which each player gets 13 cards. Players have to meld them into valid sequences and/or sets, by drawing and dropping cards on their respective turn. A collection of at least 3 consecutive cards of the same suit is a sequence. A set is a combination of a minimum of 3 cards of the same rank, but different suits.

A simple goal, but it comes with a challenge! The one who accomplishes the task first of all, i.e., in the minimum number of turns is the winner. This is something that tests your ingenuity. To play the game well, you need to constantly make calculations as also practically implement the mathematical principles of permutations, combinations and probability.

Moreover, you should be very focused and keep an eye on the actions of your rival players – what cards they are picking and dropping, so that you can plan your moves in a better way. For this, you have to rack your brains and make good use of your memory. Also, you must be quick but not act impulsively.

Another amazing fact about Indian Rummy is that if one does not possess the required skills beforehand, playing the game in routine helps one assimilate them without any conscious efforts.

What a Hybrid!

Rummy is a beautiful confluence of good traits of other card games and its own set of virtues. Well, this gives it an edge over its siblings. While most other card games serve just one purpose, rummy is a multifaceted game with numerous merits.

The game is thoroughly entertaining and that is what a game is meant for. It is not a game of chance, for your fate is in your hands – it depends on how you play your cards. It has all the inherent advantages of mind and memory games. It is easy to understand and even a newbie player can play it pretty well.

To Conclude

If we can lay our hands upon something that fulfils multiple purposes and is very much within our easy reach, we should of course, give it a preference over others that lack versatility. Same is the case with Rummy Game. It combines the positives of many a card game with some of its own. When you have the option of availing yourself of something that is ‘all-in-one’, why go for just ‘one’?