The video-game market rakes in billions of dollars every year. Most of this money is collected by the developers, distributors and other businesses while gamers are just looked at as people who spend. Runescape is no exception, right? Wrong! In this article, we will show you a few most effective ways to earn some real money for your efforts put in Runescape.

  1. 1. Sell accounts

This is a time-tested bulletproof method which always provides stable income. Now whether it is profitable or not, depends on how you value your time. This is not going to pay better than any real-life job, but it can earn a substantial chunk of money. You can see how much they are sold right here. The only way to indeed profit from this is to get involved in the resell market and buy accounts and try to sell them for a higher price. But, this might take some time.

  1. Sell RS money

You can sell RS money for real-life cash. While the prices always fluctuate, you can catch the latest market prices on gold trading websites. For example, you could sell 200 million for as much as 120 USD on a given day (may have changed when you are reading this) but combining this with a stunning PK talent or a large gold farm and you could be looking at a few hundred bucks profit per month. Just sell to someone trustworthy. Only selling to someone legit or familiar (also you can use a middle-man if you are selling to a person) gives you real cash. Others could turn out to be scammers.

  1. Open up gold farms

Well, this carriesa substantial risk of getting quick bans. It’s also very popular in Venezuela (for some reasons). However, great timing, non-stupid manoeuvres and a smart approach could earn a few hundred dollars per month for the farm’s owner. Gold farms are tracked, so do not keep large amounts of GP in accounts and try to move them quickly (we suggest no more than 100,120 or at the very least 150 million). Just do not forget that if you decide to sell to a store, legit ones do not take botted gold. Besides, you put your client’s at risk of getting banned, but you should know that there are such methods.

  1. Invest in other’s ideas

If you are a member of a clan, forum or a community that has Runescape players, chances are some of them have an idea for a service or good to be offered. Hear them out, let them share their thoughts with you and you could become successful very quickly. Someone must have thought that selling RS money is profitable and now it is a very large business, the same with account trading, macro clients and others. Hear them out and if you have some extra cash to spare, go for it!

  1. PK’ing

The most organic way to earn RS money is PK’ing or staked duels. Just like an investment in stocks, it’s the riskiest yet can carry the most substantial rewards. You vs the other guy or girl, battling it out for the loot. You could win 500 mil in a matter of a couple of minutes but just as quickly lose it if you are not careful. PK’ing especially requires a lot of ingenuity and experience so be careful what you wish for.